Al Wahda Mosque

Traditional, Modest, Unique.

Date:            2020
Category:     Exterior design


The design of this mosque is a complex and uniquely beautiful mixture of different patterns and symbols inspired by the rich Islamic Architecture.  The design of this building makes its function is so apparent and intuitive to the viewers/prayer and additionally its exceptional architectural features makes it novel and fascinating compared to other mosques.

Some of the most important features of this design are:

  • Complex use of Islamic architectural features in different scales as great as floor plan or structure and as detail as tile patterns. 
  • All features and components are making a unique concept as a set and also are individually meaningful
  • This mosque’s design offers an exceptional configuration of eight-pointed star (an iconic symbol in Islamic Art and Architecture) and the sphere (a symbol for universe).
  • Maximize the view of the interior by a unique mixture of geometric forms and volumes from any points of view inside the building.
  • Dome design was inspired by Al-Nabi mosque dome.
  • Sustainable and natural light for indoor during the daytime. (By using solar panel we can provide the energy and lighting for the building and create a complete sustainable system)
  • The concept and details in this design will present a simplicity with a modern approach to the complex but rich traditional designs mosque.


All of the documentation is complete and executable, but because of the lack of space for further implementation, more detailed explanations and clear illustrations have been omitted.