Date:           2019
Categrory:   concepts


The following concepts were designed for the 2022 FIFA World Cup’s ball in Qatar by Amin Morshedzadeh and Elham Morshedzadeh. The Middle East is a region with such great diversity in cultures and religions. Three religions Christianity, Islam and Judaism with a great number of followers has emerged from the Middle East. But unfortunately, because of its geopolitical condition, this area and its people have been suffered greatly from numerous wars and conflicts between nations. FIFA World Cup’s message is “peace and solidarity” and Qatar 2022 is creating a great opportunity to spread this message all over the world and promote a greater image from the Middle East and their hospitality. The ball is the most unique object in this tournament and it needs to be carefully designed and created. With all these in the mind, our goal in this design for the “ball” is to promote unity especially in this region within diversity.

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